Project management

ENERGOAVTOMATIZATSIYA ensures effective project status management at all stages of the life cycle due to the use of modern tools and proven approach. Organization of a project office for each specific project makes it possible to ensure the implementation of the "one-stop window" principle, the formation of a responsibility matrix with a clear internal distribution of roles and responsibilities and effective interaction with all project participants.

Project management tools
  • Development of a third-level schedule in the Primavera software package, taking into account the schedule of task exchange, as well as control milestones for verification of accepted technical solutions
  • Application of unified technical solutions verified on a number of implemented facilities
  • Quality management of developed working documentation: collision checking, revision release control, technical solutions examination, normative inspections of working documentation
  • Monitoring the progress of work with the record of actual data in the documentation development schedule
  • Actual data analysis, correction of work schedule and development of remedial measures
  • Generation and submission of reports
  • Pre-qualification audit of manufacturers
  • Vendor list management
  • Supply schedule with regard to the stages of construction works
  • Working design documentation review
  • Intermediate inspections and technical production control
  • Conducting acceptance tests at the manufacturing plant
  • Organization of optimal logistic schemes and quality control of delivery
  • Automated accounting and product storage system
  • Performing an incoming control at the construction site
  • Control of compliance with storage conditions
  • Monthly/daily and weekly/daily planning in the Primavera software package – optimization of the construction process taking into account the priority, sequence and interdependence of the work performed, thereby ensuring the efficiency of personnel, machinery and mechanisms management
  • Regulations and procedures for construction control, operational and acceptance control, and control over preparation of executive documentation
  • Regulations for change and discrepancy management
  • Automated system of executive documentation management
  • A set of measures to protect the perimeter of the construction site and to prevent theft of commodities and materials
  • Regulations on internal work order
  • A set of measures for occupational, industrial and environmental safety as an element of minimizing the risks of emergency situations, protection of life and health of employees