Construction, equipment installation and commissioning

STC ENERGOAVTOMATIZATSIYA LLC performs the full cycle of supervision and construction and assembly works, as well as work to ensure the commissioning of the facility into commercial operation.

  • Modern material and technical resources
  • Online monitoring of resources (GPS-tracking)
  • Full package of permits and approvals
  • System of internal construction supervision
  • Multistage quality control (QC) of the whole cycle of CAW and commissioning
  • Preparation and submission of the executive documentation to the customer
Assembly work
    One of the main areas of the company is assembly work in the field of energy:
  • turnkey construction, reconstruction and overhaul of electric substations up to 110 kV
  • assembly of cable racks and cable bearing structures, 0.4-35 kV cable lines
  • assembly of lighting systems, electric heating, power equipment, lightning protection and grounding systems
  • construction of overhead power lines up to 220 kV
  • STC ENERGOAVTOMATIZATSIYA performs a full range of works on assembly of low-voltage systems, including:
  • instrumentation systems
  • fire and security alarm systems
  • automatic fire extinguishing systems
  • video surveillance systems and perimeter alarm systems
  • communication systems, structured cable systems, fiber-optic lines
    STC ENERGOAVTOMATIZATSIYA performs the following:
  • full set of commissioning works: APCS, AEPSCS, main and auxiliary equipment condition monitoring system MAESM, automated fire alarm and fire fighting system AFAFFS, computer training complex CTC, I&C, shut-off and control valves, electrical equipment 0.4-
  • performing commissioning of ventilation, heating, water supply and drainage systems, heating and auxiliary process equipment
  • metrological support of the customer's facilities
  • as part of the commissioning of APCS the following is carried out: loading the application software into controllers and workstations, calibration of measuring channels, testing the functionality of the complex of technical means of APCS, testing algorith