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STC ENERGOAVTOMATIZATSIYA, LLC has been presented on the engineering services market since 2015 and is a system integrator of comprehensive solutions for automation of technological processes and power supply systems in construction, modernization and reconstruction of industrial enterprises.

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STC ENERGOAVTOMATIZATSIYA is focused on quality and high efficiency. The company is actively developing in the single area of responsibility to the Customer, rapidly increasing competence, administrative and production capacity, developing a line of own products and solutions, developing relationships with leading native manufacturers and localizing the production of the best foreign solutions.

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Comprehensive Approach
Acting as Main Automation Contractor/Main Electrical Contractor (MAC/MEC), STC ENERGOAVTOMATIZATSIYA assumes responsibility for project life cycle management, system integration of solutions, provides a single area of responsibility and coordination of all project participants. The company has a comprehensive approach to the execution of tasks, using both standard and unique solutions in the field of automation and power supply, as well as proven project management tools, tried and tested competencies and production capacity.
Designing of automation and power supply systems for hydrocarbon processing facilities under construction, modernization and reconstruction.
Experience in implementing projects in MAC/MEC role
Professional team and rich resource base
Experience in working with global licensors
Strategic partnerships with large vendors
Pass-through liability principle
Use of digital twins and CCP
Completed MAC/MEC projects
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Complex for production, storage and shipment of liquefied natural gas near the Portovaya CS
million tons per year of LNG — planned plant capacity
Condensate stabilization unit at Achimov deposits in Nadym-Pur-Tazovsky region
4 million tons of deethanized condensate per year
Reconstruction of the booster compressor station at Urengoy Condensate Pre-Transportation Preparation Plant to provide feedstock for NGCC
million tons of unstable gas condensate per year – design capacity of the plant
Deethanization gas treatment unit at Urengoy Condensate Pre-Transportation Preparation Plant
million tons of unstable gas condensate per year — design capacity of the plant