Main contractor for automation and power supply of industrial facilities

Acting as Main Automation Contractor / Main Electrical Contractor (MAC/MEC), ENERGOAVTOMATIZATSIYA assumes responsibility for the system integration of solutions, project life cycle management and ensures effective coordination of all project participants.

Experience in implementing large projects, well-established business processes, standardized requirements, risk analysis and quality control at all stages of the project life cycle allows us to minimize all possible customer risks.

Principles of МАС/МЕС
Single area of responsibility
A high degree of integration and communication between contractors
Common technical requirements and standardization of solutions within the project, interconnected solutions
Determination of "anchor" vendors and suppliers of the main equipment at the start of the project
Flexible risk and cost management in case of changes in the project
Quality control of project implementation at all stages of the life cycle
Concepts and solutions

When implementing projects in the MAC/MEC format, STC ENERGOAVTOMATIZATSIYA applies the best proven and unified technical concepts and solutions. They are a true ultimate expression of intellectual work of STC ENERGOAVTOMATIZATSIYA team, as they are created on the basis of experience gained during the implementation of projects and by a high degree of detail and accurate elaboration.

Automation, communication systems, metrology
  • Unified multi-level automated control system for production and technological complex (APCS), which best meets the "Technology + Automation" approach
  • Automated fire alarm, gas control and extinguishing systems
  • Highly integrated control systems (horizontally and vertically scalable)
  • Automatic control systems (ACS)
  • Operational dispatching management systems (ODMS)
  • Monitoring and supervisory control systems (MSCS)
  • Decision support systems (DSS)
  • Supervisor decision support systems (SDSS)
  • Predictive diagnostics and analysis systems (PDAS)
  • Emergency shut down system
  • Instrumentation and control
  • Communications and video surveillance networks
  • Metrological support
  • Information security
  • Functional safety
Electrical equipment and power supply systems
  • Digital substations
  • LV/MV/HV distribution networks
  • Cable routes and racks
  • Earthing and lightning protection
  • Lighting and socket networks
  • Electrical heating and insulation systems
  • Electrochemical protection (ECP)
Advantages for the Customer

STC ENERGOAVTOMATIZATSIYA has a comprehensive approach to the execution of tasks, using both standard and unique solutions in the field of automation and power supply, as well as proven project management tools, tried and tested competencies and production capacity.

The company is distinguished by the use of modern approaches, digital technologies and unique tools, namely:

  • Integrated project management information system
  • Digital twins of designed facilities and computer simulator complexes
  • 3D model of the facility to eliminate collisions and inconsistencies at the site
  • Test bench for testing and examining delivered products prior to shipment to the customer
  • Full cycle of testing and preparation of field level devices, packaged modular power supply equipment
  • Local positioning technologies