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It has been present on the engineering services market since 2015. Research and Development Center is an authorized system integrator of the engineering technology holding PETON for the development and implementation of comprehensive solutions in the field of automation of technological processes, power supply, metrology, communications and fire safety.
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We turn ideas into real objects, using high-tech solutions and effective standards of project implementation.

STC ENERGOAVTOMATIZATSIYA is constantly improving and finding new solutions to increase its own potential. Our priorities are the main vectors to achieve the best results.



We are committed to making complex technical solutions, focusing on key areas and issues, producing high-quality products and services, and delivering quality and timely results.

Professional competence

In order to achieve our goals, we carry out our work as efficiently as possible at all levels, go into details, minimize and prevent risks, and constantly improve ourselves, giving 100 % to our work.


Cohesion of employees and their effective interaction is a guarantee of successful solution of all tasks. The staff of STC ENERGOAVTOMATIZATSIYA works in an atmosphere of mutual assistance and respect.


Implementation of new technologies is a necessary element of development and growth of any company, therefore the company constantly monitors changes and innovations, applying them  in work on projects.


Due to a responsible attitude to business, highly qualified personnel and the implementation of new technologies, we achieve excellent results. And it is important for us to stay strong in the pursuit of our goals, to increase efficiency and productivity.

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Continuous improvement of performance results
Qualitative elaboration of solutions at all stages
Effective solutions in the field of automation and power supply
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