Integrated Supply

STC ENERGOAVTOMATIZATSIYA has all necessary competences and extensive experience to provide equipment and materials for any process facilities of oil and gas production, transportation, storage and processing. In the implementation of projects, the research and development center promptly mobilizes the resources of partner companies, as well as using its own production facilities.

  • Effective management of suppliers
  • Experience of working with large customers
  • Developed logistics system
  • Organization of incoming control of materials and equipment at the site
  • Implementation of technical control and supervision of equipment production
Own production facilities

The company's production site is equipped with modern equipment, tools and accessories, allowing the production of high quality solutions in the field of automation and power supply. ENERGOAVTOMATIZATSIYA is a comprehensive supplier of equipment for industrial automation systems, power supply, metrology, communications and fire safety.

  • Automated control systems
    • Automated process control system
    • Automatic fire alarm, gas hazard monitoring and fire-fighting system
  • Computer training complexes
  • System of Operative Dispatch Control (SHC ODMS)
    • Monitoring and supervisory control systems (MSCS)
    • Supervisor decision support systems
  • Main and Auxiliary Equipment Condition Monitoring System "гэс-3000"
  • Industrial environmental monitoring systems
    • Industrial emissions analyzer complex "АСКВГ/ПЭК-3000"
    • Atmospheric parameters analyzer complex "АСАП/ПЭК-3000"
    • Industrial discharge analyzer complex "АСКСВ/ПЭК-3000"
  • Media flow analysis systems
    • Saturated vapor pressure analyzer complex “SVPAC”
    • Flue and exhaust oxygen control system “FEQCS”
    • Gas and liquid analyzer complexes
  • Crude oil and oil products quality control system (CQCS/CPQCS)
  • Water quality control system
  • Gas quality control system (GQCS)
  • Center for Certification and Testing of Automated Systems and Automation Equipment (CCTASAE)
  • Emergency protection cabinets "EA-KPT"
  • Measurement and control cabinets "EA-KAT"
  • Communication cabinets "EA-KIT"
  • Container type process units "EA-BT"
  • Automated control system for power supply
Power supply
  • Industrial electric heating system "EA-TERM"
  • Block-modular transformer substations "EA-KTP"
  • Low-voltage modular-packaged units of "EA-KPT" type
  • Container type process units "EA-BT"
  • Automated control system for power supply

You can find out detailed information about the proposed solutions in the technical catalog of the company.