NTC "ENERGOAVTOMATIZATSIYA" conducts on-line testing of equipment for "Portovaya" CS LNGF
The international situation made amendments to the functioning mode of many enterprises, and NTC "ENERGOAVTOMATIZATSIYA" was also affected. Thereby, the specialists of the Company retained the productivity and continued the works under observance of increased safety precautions. The use of advanced technologies and solutions helps to maintain the efficiency level in all work stages, to provide for continuous processes, thus ensuring the planned performance of the company.
One of the prime examples of such approach was the remote testing of the equipment in the production site of NTC "ENERGOAVTOMATIZATSIYA". For the implementation of such measures, the technicians of the company used various audio and video devices.
The object of that test was the gas analyzer unit No. 1: 98АТ0003, 98АТ0010, 87АТ7046 gas detector cabinets for "Portovaya" CS LNGF on order by "Gazprom" PJSC. In the framework of the conducted tests, NTC "ENERGOAVTOMATIZATSIYA" conducted jointly with the representatives of "Gazprom LNG Portovaya" LLC checks of the following indexes: overall functionality of the equipment under test, assembly quality, compliance of the product with the requirements of codes and regulations, of the design and the operation documentation.
Further testing will be performed in the operation site, in the stage of the commissioning works immediately in the construction site of "Portovaya" CS LNGF.