New solution by NTC "Energoavtomatizatsiya" for full enterprise digitalization
"ENERGOAVTOMATIZATSIYA" Scientific and Technical Center has completed the preparation of a demo stand of the single digital platform. The company also works for the integration of the asset management system to a single platform.
That software complex is a multitude of systems interlinked with compatible interfaces for development and testing of control and decision support systems using digital "duplicates" of control objects, high data rate communication channels with the field equipment, as well as the concept of complex integration of the stages of the development, adjustment and testing of the products of different management levels in a single environment.
On the platform by "NTC 'ENERGOAVTOMATIZATSIYA'", a Distributed Control System (DCS), a Dispatcher Decision Support System (DDSS), an Operator Decision Support System (ODSS) and a Predictive Diagnostics and Analysis System (PDAS) were implemented for Automatic Process Control (APC). Such comprehensive solution allows for effective dispatching, planning, optimization, control performance and diagnostics of hydrocarbon feed processing facilities.
Using of a platform on the basis of which different automation systems can be developed and integrated allows for avoidance of numerous problems occurring on their interfaces. In particular, these are increased time delays during the synchronization of changes in separate control systems; the absence of a single automation concept leads to compatibility and integration problems of the control systems, increased time and labor cost for the access to the process information; involvement of several automation software products often leads to divergent solutions, blanks at interfaces; increased integration costs of automation systems, spares kits, inevitable amendments.
The development by "NTC 'ENERGOAVTOMATIZATSIYA'" is one of the key implementation methods of the single digital platform and the digitalization policy. For enterprises implementing the import substitution policy, this product can get a practically the only approach on the way to the implementation of single-platform control systems. NTC "ENERGOAVTOMATIZATSIYA" is not only the developer of the platform, but can also act as an engineering entity adapting the solutions for customer requirements.