"ENERGOAVTOMATIZATSIYA" will perform a complex of works for Moscow Underground
"NTC 'ENERGOAVTOMATIZATSIYA'" opens an office in Moscow. The office of the company starts its activities in the framework of the new project.
Our Scientific and Technical Center signed in November a contract with "MIP-Stroy No. 1" LLC for performance of a scope of works of utility construction in Tekstilshchiki metro station in the framework of the construction project "Eastern Section of the Third Change Contour from Kashirskaya Station to Karacharovo Station. For the time being, the organization structure is being formed within the project of "MosInzhProyekt", whereas preparatory works are carried out in the construction site.
Meanwhile, one more contract has been made for carrying out of the second stage of the construction, installation and commissioning works in "Solntsevo" Car Shed.
The employees of "NTC 'ENERGOAVTOMATIZATSIYA'" have already commenced the works.