Continuous training as a guarantee of efficiency
The management of "NTC 'ENERGOAVTOMATIZATSIYA'" pays special heed to the training and development of the employees, and always supports the employees who strive to keep up with the contemporary trends in the sphere of the automation.
From July to November, 2020, the employees of the Innovative Solutions Development Department of our company were taking a series of trainings in АРМ (Asset Process Management) products: maintenance and repair, predictive analytics and mobile solutions. Totally, more than twenty video training courses were provided by Yokogawa, Siemens, AVEVA, Honeywell, ADLINK, etc.
In the framework of the on-line training, our employees have thoroughly studied the features of certain software types by AVEVA and Honeywell, made acquaintance with details of the application of digital technologies for integrated energy management, with the internal structure of 3D visualization in WinCC OA by Siemens, and with the equipment of modular PLC of Fastwel I/O family intended for use in severe operation environments. In addition, the web-seminar participants analyzed new solutions by Weintek and functional possibilities for design in MasterSCADA.