"ENERGOAVTOMATIZATSIYA" participates in PRC Russia&CIS Crude Oil Processing and Petrochemical Congress
On October 12-13, annual PRC Russia&CIS Crude Oil Processing and Petrochemical Congress took place in St. Petersburg, with "Gazprom Neft'" as a general partner. Every year, top and medium managers, technical and commercial specialists of crude oil processing and petrochemical enterprises, as well as license suppliers – licensors, EPC, IT companies, design institutes, equipment manufacturers and service companies of Downstream segment participate in that event.
The Director General of "NTC 'ENERGOAVTOMATIZATSIYA'" LLC Vladislav Vladimirovich Motin delivered a presentation in PRC Russia&CIS dedicated to the unique development of our company – "SynErgia" Comprehensive Project Management Information System (CPMIS). Mr. Motin told the event participants of the main problems of information provision, and of the ways CPMIS solves them as a contemporary implementation tool of successful investment projects.
"Our presentation of the possibilities and benefits of CPMIS integration found lively response of the audience. The Congress participants displayed active interest for the "SynErgia" system, asked questions, sought to finalize the matters of interest, as well as the financial aspect. After the completion of the official ceremony, we managed to conduct meetings with would-be partners, to discuss development prospects, establish new and fortify old relationships," Mr. Motin told.